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Where to go to Senegal?


It is by the port of Saint-Louis that history begins, a magnificent and classified city which still retains today many traces of a colonial past orchestrated by General Faidherbe. If since independence, Saint-Louis has been indolent, the fishing district of Guet Ndar is full of life and the Barbary language one of the little paradises of the Grande Côte to discover. It’s in the 15th century. that Senegal was approached by Portuguese sailors who fell in love with this splendid land. Gradually, the arrival of the English, the Dutch and the French forged the development of this country which, over the centuries, has become a hub of the economy.

The contrast with the hectic Dakar, the capital on a giant peninsula and harbor, is striking. Millions of inhabitants are active in this beacon of the French-speaking world and of West Africa, the Mecca of the slave trade of which the island of Gorée keeps memory. But Dakar are also markets, charming neighborhoods, festivals, an often warm and caring population.