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When to go to Senegal?


The best time to go

The climate of Senegal is marked by two seasons, with some differences however between the coast and the interior lands. The dry season lasts from October to June, sometimes with a few tornadoes of wind - the famous harmattan. During this season, especially in spring (March-May), festivals abound, especially with jazz in Saint-Louis. During our summer, from July to September, it’s the rainy season. However, in all seasons, temperatures remain at a high level around 18 ° C. If the coasts are cooled by the wind, the interior of the country can be scorching. If you wish to attend the magical spectacle of the night blooming of baobabs, then it is between May and August that you will have to travel.

Fervor and cultural diversity

Largely Muslim, the Senegalese love religious holidays and the spectacle of their fervor is all the more touching as they observe a certain restraint tinged with benevolence and openness. The end of Ramadan celebrations (Tabaski or Aïd-el-Kébir, and Tamkharit, or Ashoura) are absolutely unavoidable, especially if you have the chance to spend them with local families. Laughs, songs, incredible stories, warmth and delicious cuisine on the program. The Christian public holiday calendar is mostly followed by administrations and the Independence Day, April 4, is very popular.

On the festivals side, the Senegalese are not outdone and their passion for music is reflected in many events. In May, just after the rap festival, the very famous Saint-Louis Jazz Festival gathers sizes. In June, the Foundiogne festival highlights the culture of Siné-Saloum and in the fall, Kankourang de M’bour, is a plunge into Mandingic symbolic beliefs.